Foundations of Data Science

The hallmark of NCSSM's coursework in data science is Foundations of Data Science, offered since Fall 2020. This course introduces students to the key elements of working with data: 

while also learning the Python programming language to complete these tasks. The curriculum is adapted from UC-Berkeley's wildly successful Data 8 course, taken by thousands of students each year in their undergraduate program.

Demystifying Data Science - Welcome Day


Every junior at NCSSM-Morganton is required to complete Foundations of Data Science in either the Fall or Spring semester. Students will have the opportunity to apply these essential skills and leverage the data science tools in unique data-enabled interdisciplinary courses in their senior year.


Students at NCSSM-Durham have the option to complete Foundations of Data Science in either their junior or senior year. Students can then choose to complete other data science courses like Advanced Data Science and Machine Learning or enroll in forum courses similar to those that have been offered in the past: Natural Language Processing and Sports Analytics.

NCSSM-Online and Connect

Students enrolled in the NCSSM-Online program or participate in the NCSSM Connect program have the ability to complete Foundations of Data Science. We're looking to add other data science coursework into these program so students can apply their data science learning across other disciplines!